IN 1995, JEFF BEZOS, operating out of his garage, opened and sold his first book. Here in 2017, Amazon sells pretty much everything that can be sold and is the largest online retailer in the world.

Authors, of course, are interested in what Jeff first sold: books. And Amazon is on the leading edge of book creation, sales, and marketing. It’s the thousand-pound gorilla of the book world, and for authors, it can be both a godsend and a publishing option with potential for creating lots of cash.

We here at Page One Sentence Doctors love to help authors get up and running on Amazon. And Amazon offers two wonderful outlets for your authorly efforts:


This division of Amazon is known as an “on-demand” digital printer. This allows Amazon to print only enough copies of a paperback book (CreateSpace does not print hardbounds) to satisfy incoming orders, whether that be for 10 books or 10,000.

To upload a book to CreateSpace for printing, the book must first be edited, its pages laid out, and a cover created. But once uploaded, CreateSpace charges nothing upfront for the printing and binding. It also charges nothing upfront for listing the book on Amazon’s site, for fulfilling orders, or for shipping the books to customers. Instead, Amazon deducts a set rate per book as orders come in. Even so, what remains to the author is far, far more than the small royalties offered by traditional publishers.


Surely no one alive is unaware of Amazon’s Kindle ebooks and ereaders. Ebooks, of course, dispense with a physical book altogether, offering instead a downloadable digital “ebook”—which can be read on the Amazon Kindle ereader devices. Not to be left behind, others have followed suit with their own ebooks, including Barnes & Noble and Apple.

To be uploaded to Amazon’s Kindle area, a book must again be edited, pages composed, and a cover created. But once this is completed, the electronic computer file must be converted to Amazon’s proprietary Kindle format.

Here at Page One Sentence Doctors, we can perform this file conversion, as well as the editing, page layouts, and cover creation that precede it. 

Truly, CreateSpace and Kindle represent not only the state of the publishing art but its wave of the future. We are here to help you catch and ride that wave!