IN SOME WAYS, THIS QUESTION is like asking, “How much is a car?” or “How much is a house?” Using the car as an example: What make of car are you buying? New or used? What options do you want? A brand-new, fully loaded Lexus will quite definitely run quite a bit more than a 15-year-old bare-bones Clunker-Mobile.

Yes, we do have a rate guide we use—and most of those rates haven’t changed in 10 or even 15 years. But like buying a car, when you seek our services, lots of variables enter into the picture. How good (or not-so-good) is your writing? How complex is your manuscript (lots of tables, footnotes, images?) Do you need an Index?

For editing, we use a rate based on word count, as reported by Microsoft Word. For page layouts, we use an amount per laid-out page. For book covers, file conversions, and certain other tasks, we have a flat rate.

The best way to find how much your project might cost with us is to send us a sample of your manuscript—let’s say, a book chapter or two. And if it’s a completed book manuscript, what is your total word count? From that, we can determine approximately how many finished book pages you’ll have. Once we have a good picture of what you’re needing, we can come up with a “ballpark” quote (estimate) that’s usually quite close to the final price.

To get a fast quote, do this: Send a sample of your project (or, the whole thing is even better!), your total word count, and what you’re wanting. If a book, do you want hardcover or paperback? Ebook? Index? What kind of cover design? And send this all to:

Phyllis and Ken McFarland
Page One Sentence Doctors, or
(702) 372-4939

We’ll get your estimate right out!