FOR A COUPLE OF decades, Ken McFarland owned Page One Communications—a full-service writing, editorial, and publishing business. Meanwhile, Phyllis George Wooten owned The Sentence Doctor—likewise a multi-service writing and editorial business.

In mid-2016, Ken and Phyllis were married, and they have chosen to combine their two businesses as Page One Sentence Doctors.

Ken’s career after graduating from Pacific Union College in 1966 (B.A.) and from Andrews University Theological Seminary in 1969 (M.Div.) has included a dozen years or so as a church pastor and editorial service at the Review and Herald Publishing Association (associate editor of Insight magazine); Pacific Press Publishing Association (associate editor of Signs of the Times magazine, acquisitions editor, assistant vice president for editorial, and vice president for editorial); and Coffey Communications (special projects editor, managing editor). He has operated Page One Communications since 1989. Ken’s hobbies include researching human health, neuroscience, travel, and most recently, bird-watching. He blogs over at — you’re invited to browse.

Meanwhile, Phyllis (née Burske) George Wooten graduated from Pacific Union College under the tutelage of J. Paul Stauffer, Ph.D. and the mentorship of Kathleen McMurphy, Ph.D., also in 1966 (B.A.), and from San Francisco State University (M.A.)—both degrees in English—and taught writing and literature at multiple schools, including as an adjunct writing professor at five colleges. She found that teaching the cadences and nuances of written English to her students rendered her uniquely fitted to improve the writing of others, and in 2011 she founded The Sentence Doctor. She still loves to communicate through writing. Her hobbies include playing the piano and listening to classical music, gardening, cross-stitch, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Ken and Phyllis have a total of eight children and sixteen grandchildren—four children and eight grandchildren each. They make their home on tree-covered acreage in the countryside near Clinton, Tennessee.