Your Search for the Right Editor Ends Here!

AFTER LONG HOURS of hammering the keys, your Best Seller is finished. You have some computer files and a Big Dream.


You need to get from where you are, to holding your very own new printed book in your hands—or seeing it live on the Internet as an e-book. What will that take?

Take a look around this site. You’ll find all the information you need to take the next step toward seeing your books in stores or online.

We’ve helped hundreds of authors just like you realize their dreams. And we’d be delighted to help you too!

So again, what’s next? Here’s what to do if you’re done writing and ready to move ahead.

  • First, you need to get your files edited. We have edited hundreds of books, and for us, the job isn’t done until you are pleased, if not delighted. But you’re going to need a few more steps after that before you are ready to start signing your newly printed book.
  • You’ll need the edited files laid out in book pages. We have the best professional page-layout software in the business.
  • How about a world-class book cover? We have award-winning designers who will create a compelling, customer-pleasing cover for your book.
  • printer/binder with the magic combination of high quality AND low prices? We know the best ones in the nation and can match your book with just the right choice!
  • Then again, maybe you want to have your books printed with NO up-front cost to you at all! We can help make that happen, using Amazon’s CreateSpace, which prints high-quality paperback books.
  • Or, perhaps you’d like also to add an e-book version of your book, such as can be read on Amazon’s Kindle or as an Apple iBook. 
  • Need help with some marketing advice? You want to sell those books and make a profit! While YOU are responsible for marketing your books (marketing isn’t normally one of our services), we can offer you lots of helpful advice. And we can design a great e-commerce website featuring your book, or put you in touch with major distributors for Barnes & Noble or independent bookstores.

You’ve probably noticed that we are not a traditional for-royalty publisher. We don’t accept submissions with the expectation from you that we will “accept” your manuscript and publish, print, bind, and market it—paying you a small royalty once a year. We can easily help you get into print, though!

So why wait? If you want your book or other publishing project done right, done fast, done with flair—and all at a fair price—pick up the phone (702-372-4939) or send off an email to:


The authors who take action are the ones signing books or smiling all the way to the bank! ♦